10 Success Stories From Wealthy Affiliate Members: Real Results

Wealthy Affiliate has been a cornerstone for many individuals looking to build successful affiliate marketing businesses. Through its comprehensive training, supportive community, and robust tools, many members have achieved incredible success. Here are ten inspiring success stories that highlight the real results Wealthy Affiliate members have achieved.

 1.Eric – $4000 Per Month In First Year

Eric Cantu joined the program in 2017 and in that first year, he reached a monthly commission of $4000 all by following what they taught in the training. This obviously took time and effort to get done but he did it.

To date, he’s still one of the top earners of Wealthy Affiliate. Not everyone can earn this much money when they’d like to but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to accomplish. It all comes down to what you’re willing to do for it.

He now works as a training course instructor at Wealthy Affiliate, educating new entrants. I studied with him. And I’m glad to study with someone who has a success story. I believe that if you get into Wealthy Affiliate, you will definitely talk with him.

2.Nathaniell Brenes – 9 Year Anniversary & a $30K Sale

Nathaniell: Nathaniell started his affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate in 2010. Over time, he built multiple successful niche websites and now earns a full-time income online.

At the time of sharing this testimonial, Nathaniell was 9 years into his affiliate marketing career and had sold the oldest website he created 9 months prior. This was a site that had at one point earned him over $12K in just one month alone.

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Sales from this site eventually leveled out and earned him a consistent $1,200 per month. Clearly a drastic change from the $12K he’d earned. The point of focus here is the fact that he sold his site for $30K. That is proof of what’s possible with this business model.

3.Bryon – $40,000 In One Weekend

Bryon: After joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2012, Bryon transitioned to full-time affiliate marketing within two years. During a Black Friday weekend, he made an astounding $40,000 in sales during a Black Friday weekend.He rarely did Black Friday promotions, but he put a simple offer together in November 2016. As a result, he made 14 sales, which was good for around $9K in revenue. This was all done in only the first 40 minutes of his email campaign being sent out.Over that entire weekend, Bryon made 55 sales good for just under $40,000 in revenue. Although he didn’t mention what product he was promoting, Black Friday means it was a physical product, and it was most likely an affiliate offer for Amazon.Clearly, it was worth the time and effort for Bryon to get some of that Black Friday action. He credits this success to the fact that he could build up his authority in the years prior to this weekend.

He looked at his Paypal report for June 2017 yesterday and he knew it was a good month. What he wanted to know was how good it was. So he goes to the reporting tab and selects “Sales Report” Paypal’s reporting can be a bit messy to interpret when you have dozens of transactions going in and out of your account every day, so he just wanted to see how much his company sold in a month. June? Here’s a screenshot for his viewing pleasure: That’s right, it’s only $5,000.

 4.Tony – A $20,000 Day

Tony is an army veteran and truck driver who joined WA in 2015 but has been making money online since 2009. By January 2021, his sales with Wealthy Affiliate were so steady that he was making thousands of dollars per day.

In one particular day, he blew up and made $20,000. Over the years, Tony’s Paypal account is proof that making money online is a real thing.

Each sale doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but when you add them all up, you’re talking about a big lump sum. What would that type of money do for you?

5.Eddie – $116,000 In 3-Month Span

Eddie was introduced to affiliate marketing in 2015 but initially didn’t give it his all because he had started a new project in the business. By 2018, he got back into affiliate marketing. In this post, Eddie mentions that his goal for the 3-month span of October to December in 2020 was to bring in $200K in revenue for the business he was working for. Though he came up short on his goal ($116K), he credits the success he had to the goal he set for himself.

By setting it, he could stretch his talent enough and work hard to reach that goal even if he didn’t get to it.He was clearly on a mission to succeed no matter what and did.

6.Grace – $100K in 4 Years

Grace, AKA, “littlemama” joined the program in 2016 and her success has earned her the title of Super Affiliate. On her 4 year anniversary in Wealthy Affiliate, she had reached over $100K in commissions. The main thing that Grace emphasizes is how she went at her own pace. This is an excellent lesson to keep in mind. There’s nothing wrong with going at your own pace but you must remain disciplined and consistent to reap the benefits. You must always make progress no matter what.

7.Phyrb First $4000 Commission Month

He’s been an affiliate marketer for 4 years now, and this month I finally surpassed $4,000 in commissions for the first time! Last year he was around $1,000, then $2,000 earlier this year. He had a few months to increase his commission to about $3000. Does anyone remember what it felt like to pass such a milestone? Are you earning more and more commission? Are you flat or increasing?

He can tell you it feels good! He thinks his eureka moment was promoting a higher commission product. Work harder on website rankings, etc.

8.Doug – Over $6K In Commissions

Doug became a member of WA in 2014 after having learned about it from Nathaniell Brenes’ blog. In 2016, he’d already earned almost $3K in one month as a commission for promoting digital products. He was also approved to be paid $4K in commissions for another niche related affiliate program he was a part of.

Next on his agenda was to outsource certain parts of his business to scale much faster. That should be the goal of any smart entrepreneur.

9.CLoney Milestone Reached ($1,000 Per Month)

Cloney has been a member since 2014. She doesn’t share what products she was selling, what we know is that it was a product on Amazon. After 4 years in WA, she hit a milestone of $1000 in commissions in two back-to-back months.

It took some time for her to reach success but this was possible because she implemented a suggestion that a fellow member had given her.

Many times, it’s a good idea to listen to those who are already having success because if you look hard enough, you’ll see that they’ve already laid out what needs to be done. All you have to do is follow the clues they leave.

10.Eartha : $700+ Commission in One Day

Eartha  Joined June 2016 Eartha made one of the biggest affiliate commissions Eartha made in a day. When Eartha received a notification on Eartha phone Eartha is very excited! They were going out to buy groceries. And Eartha decided to check Eartha phone for a notification about a $739.25 commission! It is always an amazing feeling to receive a commission no matter how big it is.

Eartha regularly gives commission to this company. And recently, products with higher prices have been released.

These stories highlight the potential of affiliate marketing as a viable path to financial success when combined with dedication and hard work. If you’re interested in learning more about these individuals and their journeys, you can find detailed accounts and additional success stories on various online platforms

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